Damn Good in the Making


At Social Garden, user-generated content (UGC) campaigns are becoming more integral to our clients’ success.

Damn Good was born out of the high-powered Melbourne digital marketing agency, Social Garden.

After a decade in the property and education market, our team has evolved into a highly effective marketing machine. We’ve found ourselves rolling out video and social content that continually exceeds expectations, so it made a lot of sense for us to evolve and adapt to the new market climate.

So, where does Damn Good come in?

After nailing the property and education market, next on the firing line was the eCommerce industry. We wanted to cut through the paint-by-numbers marketing routine and deliver platform-best practice, innovation, and results to boot!

We noticed a lack of accountability from media agencies on their clients’ bottom line. This, matched with a lack of integration of data across the channels, resulted in pretty poor performance and unhappy clients.

We know that a one-size-fits-all approach to your channels isn’t right in 2022, and will ultimately diminish your sales and ROI.

Through offering a unique and purpose-built blend of content, advertising, SEO, marketing automation & sales integration, we can partner with any client to grow their brand.

We want to do marketing the right way — the Damn Good way.

But what makes us different?

We’re really passionate about reaching your customers at the right time, in the right place, with the right message.

There are a lot of shiny user-generated offerings in the market right now, so what makes us unique?

After over 10 years in the digital marketing space, we are backed by a team that can harness the full power of data in every step of the communication process. This begins with the content strategy and continues well after the customer has purchased.

Our team of content producers will find the right subject matter expert for your goal because we love the nuanced and the unique. We’ll find the trends and chase those cultural shifts, leaving you time to breathe and keep your cool.

We have a talented team of developers, designers, and eCommerce specialists with a hunger for higher conversions. What’s more, our seamless sales integration will make sure you stay focused on the important things.
By implementing a full-funnel strategy with Damn Good, your media spend and ultimately cost per unit sold will become more efficient.

What do we offer you?

We’ve designed a menu of digital marketing services that you can pick from to create a bespoke solution. We know that throwing in everything but the kitchen sink can burn through your budget and spread our resources too thin — and we hate that!

Our solutions pack a punch to cut through the mundane and deliver a nuanced and optimized campaign.

Have a look at what’s currently on the menu. I hope you’re feeling hungry!



  • Social media advertising
  • PPC/Search engine marketing
  • Display & video advertising
  • Integration — dynamic custom audiences
  • Lead generation
  • Attribution reporting — online & offline events


  • Video for web & social (UGC, animation, motion graphics)
  • SEO strategy & services
  • Short-form copy (social media ads, social media posts)
  • Long-form copy (EDMs, landing pages, blogs)
  • Social media strategy & services


  • Customer experience journey mapping
  • Marketing Automation implementation
  • Nurture journey design & implementation
  • Conversion-rate optimised landing pages
  • Responsive EDM templates
  • Omni-channel strategies & implementation
  • Integration
  • CRM design & implementation

Damn… that’s good!

We’re not the kind of team to sell you a package and leave you in the dark! Our account managers are high-touch with a maximum of 4–8 clients per individual staff member. This means more time for continual optimisations, strategy, and feedback between you and our team.

We’re honest and transparent with our reporting. There’s nothing wrong with getting deep in the weeds to troubleshoot if part of the funnel isn’t converting as well as we both would like.

We partner with brands who are focused on solving a problem for their user, with a desire to dominate their market with best-practice marketing. Together we’ve been able to work with our clients to deliver memorable and measurable customer experiences and scale their revenue. Check out our case study examples and let the results speak for themselves.

Ultimately, we’re about authentic storytelling, content that converts, and end-to-end marketing solutions.

You win, we win, and the customer wins. Everyone comes out Damn Good.


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