How to Create Valuable Content for TikTok


At Social Garden, user-generated content (UGC) campaigns are becoming more integral to our clients’ success.

Ah, TikTok. Give an inch, give a mile.

TikTok users approach content in a very different way than other channels. Users are served content without the need to select or seek with intent. Instead, the platform serves content that is performing well with similar audiences, rather than promoting a following list or dominant profiles.

As users approach the platform differently, so should brands. TikTok official statements have encouraged brands to be more creative, more authentic, and to create content that really resonates with target demographics.

The message is clear: experiment and act in a different way to your previous marketing habits. This means reining in overly scripted, branded messages and maybe even dropping the holy CTA (shocking, we know).

But what happens if you can’t see an immediate ROI on TikTok? How can you create content that will benefit you in the long term?

It’s damn good that you asked. There are two key methods we can take to achieve this.

1. Understand your objective

First up, clearly identify your objective for TikTok. Once you understand this, make sure you have buy-in from your stakeholders — from our experience, this can be one of the more difficult steps to manage!

Ask yourself (honestly), is the content you view on TikTok, YouTube, and Instagram is all the same? If you say they are, you’re lying. Marketers are often guilty of putting the same content across all channels without considering if that’s how we, as users, experience social media.

Your TikTok account might not be a sales channel. I repeat, your TikTok account might not be a sales channel. Perhaps you can use it to communicate the value of a product, or maybe you’re on the platform as a tool to attract new business or talent. It could be a source of industry news; think about what you can offer consistently, and what problem you are actively trying to solve.

2. Create free, relevant content

Secondly, you need to create free, purpose-built content for your users. In the age of social media, brands must be providing value for free and upfront before expecting a consumer to commit any further.

On TikTok, we see organic users doing this by the minute, through how-to’s, tutorials, product reviews and storytime narratives around a brand. This goes beyond the immediate value of the product too (think skin routine to increase confidence). As users unpack the extended benefits or failings of a brand, we find winners and losers. Brands that embrace this style of content become TikTok household names, whilst others are left in their dust.

Value-led brands on TikTok

Let’s have a look at a few examples of value led brands.

  1. Fenty Beauty

    Reply to @gregrakestraw And that’s on AMBER #MATCHSTIX SUPREMACY 🤎 All new #contour shades or our viral skinsticks launch tomorrow! Comment your other Match Stix questions below ⤵️

    ♬ In the Air – Official Sound Studio

    Fenty Beauty does a fantastic job of weaving information on how to correctly use their product into their assets, through addressing some of the questions new users will have. They integrate their product seamlessly into recent trends in the makeup industry.

  2. Kitchen Aid

    Pumpkin spice and everything nice. 🧡🧈 #MakeItTogether #fypシ @Eitan Bernath

    ♬ KitchenAid – KitchenAid

    Kitchen Aid (USA) have clearly defined their channel objective to be a free resource hub on how to use their appliances and what to make. Serving as inspiration for both users and non-users of their product.

  3. Lululemon

    Low-impact workout that you can do anywhere, c/o Ambassador @akiniko. #lululemon #fittok #lowimpactworkout

    ♬ original sound – lululemon

    Lululemon provides free workouts on TikTok ranging in skill level. They document both the benefits of work out assistance and feeling good in their products.You can see that most of these examples follow a simple blueprint. They always include a face within the first three seconds, accompanied by both a verbal and written hook.Content typically falls between 15–20 seconds, which is quite important as watch time completion is one of the key attributes for success on the TikTok algorithm. If you’re struggling to work out some hooks, feel free to pinch these to get you started.

TikTok content hook ideas

  • I wish I know about (your product) earlier
  • The only ____ I use for ____
  • 2 products you need for (seasonal activity or event)
  • The product I used to go from ____ to _____
  • Before I started using _____ I used to experience ____
  • 5 reasons you need to be using ____
  • 3 ____ every ___ needs

TikTok video types to test

  • How-to’s (how to use the product)
    • E.g. If you sell candles, your content could be a tutorial for how to create an autumn living setting featuring your candle
  • Brand exposition: Why did you create a brand, begin to humanize your brand
  • Behind the scenes

Through creating value-led content, you can reach a highly engaged audience that sees you as honest and trustworthy. While there may not be immediate ROI on TikTok, you will position yourself as an authority in your industry and increase your top-of-mind awareness.

It may take a little longer to build your audience but once you master your organic TikTok strategy, you’ll be wielding the full power on the platform (and you’ll even have your paid strategy shaking in comparison).


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